Top Team Development

Quick: what is the #1 killer of strategy? If you said something like misalignment at the top, you'd be right! We work with senior leaders and their directs to effect true teamwork. We don't take them rafting or to ropes courses. We pull them together to think through their business challenges and opportunities and create a strategy to address them. At intervals, we stop to engage them in conversation about how they're working together and what they might do to be more effective.

Our method usually follows this sequence:

  1. Discovery (Read all background documents, interview key leaders and staff)
  2. Retreat I: Create strategy map and strategy narrative while learning about how to be a true team
  3. Team takes high-level strategy map to next level of completion and writes a strategy narrative
  4. Retreat II: Complete high-level strategy map and identify key metrics and initiatives
  5. Develop dashboard

Chapter Nine, "Aligning the Senior Team," describes our methodology in detail