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Leading Strategy Execution

This richly illustrated book is for anyone who has a dream and wishes to fulfill it, but whose aspirations require the support of others. If you find traditional command-control management appealing or if you find the idea of involving lower-level employees in creating parts of the strategy offensive, this probably isn’t the book for you. On the other hand, if you’re a manager who believes there is usually entirely too much CYA behavior in organizations, or you’re a new CEO who really wants to cultivate widespread responsibility among employees and increasing the fun, energy, and passion at work, you’ve come to the right place.


  1.  Execution is Everything
  2. Change or Die
  3. The Human Side of Strategy
  4. Winning Minds (Job One)
  5. Winning Hearts (Job Two)
  6. Aligning Local Effort (Job Three)
  7. Designing Your Organization (Job Four)
  8. Strategy Maps
  9. Right People, Right Place, Doing the Right Things
  10. Aligning the Senior Team
  11. HR’s Role in Strategy Execution
  12. Leading Strategy Execution

In this book, McKnight, Kaney, and Breuer provide a highly useful, if not the antidote for today’s unacceptable failure rate of leaders. The primary culprit is insufficient engagement of followers in strategy development and execution.

—Warner Burke, PhD, Chair, Department of Organization & Leadership, Teachers College, Columbia University

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