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Executive Coaching

Great leaders are great learners. They crave feedback and use it when they receive it. There is no better way to get feedback than through one-to-one coaching. We like to say that "Executive Coaching is The Breakfast of Champions."

Currently, we are coaching students in The Wharton Business School's MBA program, at three medical schools, a pharmaceutical company, and at cultural institutions. We take an approach that is grounded in the question, "What do you need to get done in your role?" and craft an approach to coaching that enables the leader to more effectively achieve those results.

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Top Team Development


True teams at the top are exceedingly rare, yet a lack of teamwork at the top is the number one killer of strategy execution. Where might you see true teams at the top? If you are close enough to observe or fortunate enough to work for one, you could see such a team atop the organizations that regularly make the lists of “Most Admired Companies.” You would also tend to see true teams at companies that have been designated as the “Best Places to Work.”

Our approach builds a true team at the top, not by prescribing but by doing the work of strategy formulation and strategy execution.

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Strategy Formulation

No strategy, no results.

Many of our clients do not have a strategy, at least not one we think of as an executable strategy. What's this? Such a strategy states:

  1. The goals the strategy is intended to achieve, with particular emphasis on customer benefits, and how those results will lead to financial gain.
  2. The value discipline to which the organization is committed (i.e., product innovation, operational excellence, or customer-intimacy).
  3. Why achieving those goals is important, the rationale behind the strategy.
  4. How and why taking these steps is crucial NOW.
  5. The steps required in four organization design arenas, and how taking those steps will lead to results for customers, and thus for shareholders:
  • The structure of the organization; the lines and boxes.The key business processes and how they contribute to results, noting which need improvement, development, etc.
  • The organization’s reward and performance tracking system.
  • The organization’s people practices.

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Leadership Workshops and Seminars

First comes love, then comes marriage. First comes strategy, then comes execution. Right?

Then why do 80% of executives go to sleep at night fretting that they aren't executing their strategy? Because they lack a system by which to execute it. 

There is no free lunch. Getting results is hard work. Read about how we help you develop the discipline to achieve your strategic dreams.

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