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Chapters 1-3 

Leading Strategy Execution: How to Align the Senior Team, Design a Strategy-Capable Organization, and Get All Employees On-board

"In this book, McKnight, Kaney, and Breuer provide a highly useful, if not the antidote for today’s unacceptable failure rate of leaders. The primary culprit is insufficient engagement of followers in strategy development and execution."

—Warner Burke, PhD, Chair, Department of Organization & Leadership, Teachers College, Columbia University

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Chapter 1 

Victim, Survivor, or Navigator? Choosing a Response to Workplace Change

"This valuable book reminds us that one’s approach to change is a choice. It contains practical tools to help identify where we are, where we need to be, and how to get there. I highly recommend it."

—Katy Theroux, SVP, Human Resources, GS1 US

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Tutorial on Strategy Mapping

We are willing to come to your workplace free of charge for a two-hour seminar on strategy mapping. All you pay is T&E. We will customize the presentation to your industry and your value discipline.

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Choosing a Source of Competitive Advantage

by Richard McKnight, PhD and Hadley Williams, PhD

Our clients tell us that the model described in this article is the second-most useful thing in our toolbox. The most useful is the strategy map. In fact, the two go hand-in-hand. This article describes three value disciplines and offers guidance as to how to select the right discipline for your business.

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